May 13, 2015

CareerPath® Mobile helps Dartmouth College Drive Freshman Engagement in Career Planning

 For immediate release May 11, 2015

Contact: Richard M. Portelance, President, CEO

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CareerPath® helps Dartmouth College Drive Freshman Engagement in Career Planning 

College freshman are notoriously difficult to engage in the career planning process, but CareerPath® Mobile has deciphered the code.

 “We’ve seen a 53 percent increase in overall student attendance at workshops and advising appointments thus far, with six more weeks to go,” reports CPD Director and Senior Assistant Dean Roger Woolsey. “As a result, first year students are better prepared to explore opportunities, reflect on their experiences and articulate what they bring to potential employers. CareerPath® has helped us pave the way for their success.”

 For over 40 years, the Cooperative Institutional Research Program at UCLA has surveyed first year students on why they decide to attend college. This year, a whopping 86 percent of incoming college freshmen identified the prospect of “getting a better job” as a very important factor in their decision to attend. Despite this, many students often take a slow path to their campus career office. CareerPath® Mobile, a provider of cloud-based software that helps colleges and universities drive student engagement in career planning, has a mission to change that with an application that assigns, stores, track and reports on career development milestones and resources for students.

“Our mission is to help career services and other co-curricular offices engage and guide students in meaningful ways” says CareerPath founder Richard Portelance. “Roger and the PDA team have done an outstanding job of building a program focused on first and second year students, who are notoriously difficult to engage. This is great news for the higher education community.”

 Dartmouth College’s Center for Professional Development (CPD) uses CareerPath® as an integral part of their Professional Development Accelerator (PDA) program, a two year curriculum designed to facilitate student professional development starting in the freshman fall. After launching the PDA program in September 2014, 47 percent of first year students participated in the program, a 53 percent year over year jump. Sixty-three percent of these students have collectively logged into CareerPath® over 1600 times.

Founded in 2014, CareerPath® Mobile is a leading education technology company based in New Milford, CT.  It’s flagship product, CareerPath, is a powerful yet intuitive mobile toolset that enables career planning teams to effectively connect and communicate with students. Using a series of milestones, tasks, and events, CareerPath allows students to tackle their career planning objectives in an organized and manageable way