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CareerPath® creates a better way to engage students in the career development process.

Join a growing list of colleges and universities that are leveraging our unique and powerful platform to benefit students, career professionals, and administrators.


How it Works

a powerful organizational tool

CareerPath ® is a platform that enables career planning teams to effectively connect and communicate with students.
Using a series of milestones, tasks, and events as drivers, CareerPath ® allows students to tackle their career planning objectives in an organized and manageable way.

CareerPath® integrates with your existing career services software to help provide a common access point for focused interactions.

Efficiently communicate with your students via push notifications, career development tasks, events, and milestones delivered to your students’ mobile devices.

Graphical reports allow both students and administrators to easily track the student’s progress.

Easily review and complete tasks, register for events, and complete assessments via a mobile connection to your career center.

Get reminders for scheduled events and deadlines. Check in to see graphical reports of your status in comparison to those in your class or group.

Whether you run the athletic department, a professional school, or student group, you can deliver and manage career curricula while maintaining control of your students’ assigned tasks and events.

As a school administrator, there is nothing as important as reliable information to help make decisions and report on progress.

CareerPath® provides powerful reports on student engagement, task completion, and their resultant success (as well as the ability to construct reports on a regular basis).

Colleges using CareerPath® are serious about career development and student outcomes!

CareerPath® is simple to use. Our software helps students feel both prepared to seek out a career and well-supported throughout the process.

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CareerPath® founder Richard Portelance recently published his thoughts on mobile technology on college campuses in an article called "Higher Ed Tech Crunch" Campus Communications, Simplified.

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