Our mission is to help people on their path from learning to doing.

It all started with an assignment to help law school students engage in the career planning process. That first product was such a great success, we received a call from a second school, and CareerPath was born.

CareerPath is a mobile engagement toolkit designed for learners, and SaaS platform for schools and businesses that need to recruit and retain them. It enables teams to create and track custom milestones, send notifications, and integrate co-curricular programs. We help you focus on: 

1) Early and sustained student engagement
2) Recruiting via the mobile device
3) Detailed tracking, analytics and robust reporting

We work with our school and business partners to create integrated technology solutions.  This enables seamless interactions for students, simplified administrator management, and better software solutions for everyone involved. 

CareerPath bridges the skills gap between school and professional life, by signposting milestones and tracking progress so each student can find their personal pathway to success.