Apr 30, 2015

On The Road

The CareerPath Mobile team has been on the road a good bit over the last six weeks, so we thought we would report back with some observations from the many schools we visited throughout the Northeast.  Three themes stood out in our discussions with career development directors and staff:


  1. Schools are trying to create multiple “touch” points in order to reach the broadest spectrum of students. Having an intuitive web presence, developing a variety of face-to-face opportunities for students, planning informal meet-ups at central locations, and harnessing mobile “toolsets” are some of the solutions.


  1. Career development is no longer restricted to the career center. Many career planning centers are reaching out to partner with other co-curricular groups on campus. For some students, the athletic department might be involved in their career guidance, or for others, it may be done with an assist from their fraternity or sorority. There are even some examples of academic departments integrating elements of career development into the course curriculum.


  1. Outcomes assessment is clearly top of mind with many directors.  As the cost of higher education continues to climb, prospective parents and students want to know how a school’s graduates do upon graduation.  Many schools now have defined 4-year career development programs, some even integrated into the school curriculum. These trendsetters will have a substantive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


CareerPath Mobile was designed with these trends in mind. It’s a simple-to-use toolset that delivers your curriculum to your students’ mobile devices.  Connect with students via push notifications rather than ineffective email.  Improve your outcomes with better, more consistent engagement over a student’s college career.   Easily integrate with co-curricular groups to support career development.


We are excited to be part of the conversation.  Post your thoughts and opinions about the future of career planning here or on our Facebook page.